Properly installed ridge vents provide air flow through your attic allowing for temperatures to balance between the attic interior and the outside environment.


Soffit vents allow the intake of air into your crawlspace or attic through venting in your eaves and overhangs.


Sometimes called weatherguard or weathershield, ice and water shield is a rubberized material that comes in a roll just like felt paper.

Soffit vents add ventilation and appeal

  Venting made easy with Soffits!
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Continuous airflow and circulation

A complete ventilation system should equalize temperatures on both sides of your roof. For optimum
performance a ridge vent should also be installed allowing maximum air movement through your unheated attics.
Soffits also provide added beauty for porch roofs, awnings and eaves ensuring a pleasing look to your home's
outer architecture.

Soffit vents allow the intake of air into your crawlspace or attic through venting in your eaves and overhangs. The directional airflow
will stabilize the climate on your interior allowing your roof to be more effective in shedding ice and snow while improving
the longevity of your shingles. If your eaves and overhangs are old and weathered or your home's air circulation is poor,
you are a likely candidate for new soffits.

Pick different options for your soffit installation

Almost all soffit systems come in different colors, styles and decorative patterns. They will often match your fascia, gutters and house
. Typical soffits come in both vinyl and aluminum. The paneled sections may come with existing airholes or without.
Both materials are virtually maintenance free if built in correctly.

Installing soffits can be done relatively easy by the typical homeowner if planned well. Adequate ventilation for the typical home
requires one square foot of soffit vents for every 150 square feet of unheated attic space. Spend the extra time, effort and money for
ridge vents as this will go a long way in improving your ventilation.

A quality soffit vent system will provide functionality as well as visual appeal to your home. Soffits will also extend the life of your roof,
gutters and fascia board.