Properly installed ridge vents provide air flow through your attic allowing for temperatures to balance between the attic interior and the outside environment.


Soffit vents allow the intake of air into your crawlspace or attic through venting in your eaves and overhangs.


Sometimes called weatherguard or weathershield, ice and water shield is a rubberized material that comes in a roll just like felt paper.

Properties of roofing underlayment

Choose the best material for value and protection

Tri-Flex 30 Felt Paper Water Shield
Cost is roughly 56$ per roll 15$/Roll $depends
400 square ft. coverage Covers 400 square ft. varies but usually 50 ft. rolls of 150 square feet weighing around 60 pounds
lightweigth and pliable lightweight, somewhat rigid particularly in cold weather heavy but pliable
fasten with plastic cap nails staple or nail self adhesive or nail
polypropylene tar paper rubber material
walkable after installation walkable after installation must be careful when walking on it in warm weather
can be a temporary roof for up to 6 months can only be a temporary roof for very short time short term roof
breathable somewhat breathable No circulation thru material
lays flat lays flat lays flat
20 year manufacturers warranty No warranty see manufacturers details
Does not tear or crack. Perfect for valleys where tearing is common Will tear and crack Will tear under stress. Good for valleys, chimneys, vents, skylights and flashing areas.
Water and weather reistant Will absorb moisture and deteriorate eventually Water and weather resistant